lakeside Involved

Lakeside Involved is our annual gift of service which offers us all an opportunity to make a difference in the Rocky Mount community.  Held throughout the month of October and culminating on the first Saturday in November, dozens of adults, youth, and children come together in a variety of projects that benefit our neighbors. 

This year's theme is "Working Together in Harmony."   For a list of projects and ways you can get involved, click here.


In Our Community

Another day, another opportunity to

Be involved in our


Discovering new-found talents and defining who we are as a church

Enjoying sweet potato biscuits early in the morning

Fellowshiping with our family of faith

Going out and giving back

Helping with our hands and hearts

Inviting all to

Join in joyfully

Keeping watch for kindnesses yet to be done

Leaving fingerprints while showing love

Making a difference in a morning

Neighbor helping neighbor

Opening a toy shop and opening our hearts

Painting and planting, piecing together blankets and pillows, preparing soup

Quickly but not so quietly

Raking and baking, mowing and sewing

Stuffing hygiene kits and goodie bags


Understanding that much is required of those who have been given much

Volunteering time and talents . . . and our blood

Wondering what’s left to be done and wishing we could do more

X-traordinary people

Young and old, praying for

Zest for the mission and another day, 

  another chance to be involved . . .