Who Is Lakeside?

In 1955 a group of Baptists responded to the need for a church on what was then the western edge of Rocky Mount. On June 5, 1955, Lakeside Baptist Church was constituted. Though we are Baptist in heritage and tradition, over the years in our worship and practice, Lakeside has moved beyond the label of a denomination to incorporate the richness of other Christian traditions. While we retain the Baptist name and uphold historic Baptist principles, in our city we are known simply as Lakeside Church. 


Our congregation is distinguished by its ecumenical spirit, the dignity and classic style of our worship, the attractiveness of our facilities, and the community involvement of both our programs and our members. 


Denominationally, the background of our church is varied. We practice what is referred to as "open membership," meaning that non-Baptists do not have to be "re-baptized" to be a part of our congregation. In recent years, at least 60 percent of the persons joining our church by transfer of membership have come from traditions other than Baptist. 


The emphasis of Lakeside's congregational life is on worship and involvement in community and social ministry. 


During our 64-year history, our church has been served by only three senior ministers:  Rev. Clarence Godwin from 1955-1965; Dr. Gaylord Lehman from 1966-1998;  Dr. Jody Wright from August, 1998 to the present.