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lakeside youth fellowship


During the week of July 25-30, the Lakeside Youth will join together for activities to help us (re)connect to our faith and friends.  We will enjoy times of missions, learning, and fun. Throughout the week, we will share photos and information on our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as in the Photo Gallery below. Contact Elizabeth for more information about participating in these events. 

lakeside youth

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loving our neighbors

What would you take with you if you had to flee your home with little notice, not knowing if or when you would return? What would you need to start a new life in an unknown country after the trauma of being forced from your home? What kind of welcome would you hope to receive in that new land?

On Monday, the Lakeside Youth had the opportunity to become a small part of the circle of support around a refugee family that moved into Welcome House Raleigh that afternoon. Some time to work, some time to learn about the important work of hospitality that Welcome House provides, and some time to play at Dix Park made for a full, fun day! Good job, Lakeside Youth!

lakeside youth

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our friends

What a fun day we had with our friends paddling down the Tar River in Greenville on kayaks and paddleboards!  Kelsey and Kathleen from Knee Deep Adventures were fabulous guides, and it was a perfect day to enjoy the beauty of God's creation and one another.

lakeside youth

(re)connect with

our faith

We capped off a great week with a lock-in at the church!  A full night of games, Bible study, Extreme Bowling, movies, food, and laughter that kept us moving (almost) all night long!