Lakeside children

Missions & Music

Sundays 5-7 p.m.

Join us for choir, Supper, and activities!


"Imagine what I might be like. All you can imagine,

I AM . . . and so much more." (inspired by Genesis 1)

God imagined everything that came to be . . . even you and me.  We are each created in God's image, so we can imagine too! How do you "picture" God? This year in Missions and Music, Lakeside children will Imagine God! as they explore the Bible and the many different images of God found there . . . an open door, a guiding light, a soaring eagle, a mighty King or a gentle shepherd, even a loving mother or grandfather! We'll sing, create, play, and grow together as we learn more about God and discover His image in each of us.  For a calendar of special activities, click here.

Lakeside children

Learning & Fun In every season

Throughout the year, Lakeside's children enjoy a variety of fun and educational activities that help them to connect to the congregation and community and build relationships with one another, all while learning to live out their faith.  You can learn more about these events in our seasonal children's newsletter, The Little Link, the Current Events Page of our website, and announcements on our Facebook page.

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