Meet the Lakeside

Church staff

Lakeside is a church that values relationships.  We have a tradition of consistency in pastoral leadership which allow us to develop meaningful and lasting relationships in our congregation and within the Rocky Mount community.  Our ministry team works to share Lakeside's vision of worship and ministry and empower our church family to live out their faith outside the walls of the church.  Here's your chance to get to know us a little better. 

  • Jody C. Wright, 

    Senior Minister

    Dr. Wright has served as Senior Minister at Lakeside since 1998. 

    He can be reached by email at

  • Elizabeth J. Edwards, 

    Associate Minister

    Elizabeth has led Lakeside's youth and education ministries since 2002. She can be reached by email at

  • Amy C. Shortt,

    Minister of Music

    Amy has led the music ministry at Lakeside since 2010.

    She can be reached by email at 

  • Susan Skinner,

    Senior Adult Director

    Susan has led Lakeside's Senior Adult programs since 2005.  She can be reached at

  • Elizabeth Broomell (Liz),

    Administrative Assistant

    Liz joined the Lakeside staff in 2015.  Her email address is

  • Linda Davis,

    Secretarial Assistant

    Linda has served on the Lakeside administrative staff since 2005.  She can be reached at

  • Rachel Holloman,

    Preschool director

    Rachel has been the director of the Lakeside Preschool since 2017.  She can be reached by email at

  • Milton Marrow,


    Milton has been taking care of the Lakeside facilities since 2017.